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Shabani Law Corporation has vast experience in all types of leasing matters, including office, retail, medical and light industrial leases. We represent both landlords and tenants, so we understand each side’s issues and are able to find common ground between the parties.  We have particular expertise in office, medical office and retail leasing.  Our approach to leasing matters is to focus on the items that are of central importance to the client, and not hold up a deal due to esoteric concerns. We currently represent numerous institutional and non-institutional landlords.

 Acquisition & Disposition
Shabani Law Corporation has extensive experience in representing clients in all types of property acquisitions and dispositions. Our clients look to us to work through acquisitions and dispositions as quickly and efficiently as possible and to bring to their attention real concerns. We currently represent numerous institutional and non-institutional owners and are involved in transactions of all sizes. Our approach is business-like and deal-oriented. In each transaction, we focus on what is important and sustain that focus through the transaction’s closing. We are deal makers, not deal breakers.

Finance & Restructuring
Shabani Law Corporation has extensive experience negotiating all types of debt and debt restructuring, including conduit loans, life insurance company loans, construction loans and mezzanine financing.  We have negotiated loans opposite every major lender in the country.  Additionally, because of our unique understanding of defeasance related issues, we are in a position to negotiate advantageous defeasance provisions at the origination stage of conduit loans, saving our client significant costs.

Shabani Law Corporation has extensive experience in negotiating defeasances.   With our extensive experience in negotiating defeasances, we are able to anticipate all of the special servicer requirements and are able to satisfy the same even before the first “kick off” conference call.

[-More on Defeasance  

A defeasance is a standardized form of call protection involving a release and substitution of collateral for commercial mortgage-backed securities loans. Since 1998 nearly all CMBS loans on all property types require the borrower to defease before selling or refinancing.

Shabani Law Corporation is proud to be a preferred partner of Commercial Defeasance, LLC – the industry leader in the defeasance of commercial real estate loans.

Working closely with Commercial Defeasance, LLC, we have gained a unique and extensive insight to the loan defeasance process and draw upon that knowledge to make the defeasance as trouble-free as possible.

For more information on Commercial Defeasance, LLC and defeasances of commercial real estate loans, please visit their website at


Shabani Law Corporation engages in litigation not only as tenacious attorneys, but also as responsible businesspersons. We evaluate the cost, benefits and time, to devise strategies that are right for our clients.

Shabani Law Corporation has prosecuted and defended claims on behalf of, and counseled numerous and diverse clients relating to actions for damages and actions for specific performance, Lis Pendens, injunctive, declaratory and other equitable relief, in the following practice areas: real property purchases and sales; enforcement of leases and interpretation of leases and ground leases; real property financing; restrictive covenants, easements and other tangential interests in land; quiet title; real property casualty, and real-property related nuisance.  Due to the firm’s extensive experience as attorneys and as principals Shabani Law Corporation is uniquely positioned to advance the interests of our litigation and pre-litigation clients to achieve the best possible resolutions to real property-related disputes.

Property Tax Reassessments and Appeals
Shabani Law Corporation represents clients in the negotiation of property value assessments and change of ownership disputes with property tax assessors and the county board of appeals. We can help owners recover capital, maintain stability, and save money by ensuring annual property taxes and supplemental taxes are based on fair market value.

Joint Ventures
Shabani Law Corporation represents all sides of a joint venture and understands the needs and demands of institutional investors, sponsors and passive investors.


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